Lawn Treatment Program

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It can be a challenge to keep your lawn looking as fresh as you’d like it to. Pests, weather, and other harmful attributes make it stressful to maintain on your own. Shepherd’s Lawn Care offers an exclusive lawn treatment program catered specifically for Georgia!

Treating lawns from Covington to Lake Oconee, we have spent over 10 years learning exactly what works well for our area, and now have everything assembled into a convenient lawn care treatment program. With our crazy weather patterns, we have abnormally long growing seasons and relatively short dormant seasons, as opposed to other parts of the country.

If the weather weren’t bad enough to create lawn care headaches, our acidic clay soil certainly will! Not to mention if you have any insect or other pests that might find their way into your yard. Everyone desires a nice, green, healthy lawn, and our custom 8 application program will do it!

Early Months (Jan-Mar)

During the early months of the year, it is likely that you will find weeds beginning to take over. Carrying over from the small dormant season, weeds are resilient and can establish their nutrient stealing dominance very quickly.

Our first two (2) applications are specifically focused on eliminating the winter weeds, and preventing them from returning during the growth cycle. Weed control is essential but also potentially hazardous. We recommend only allowing a professional with the right equipment to handle the job.

We at Shepherd’s are certified and trained in order to properly mix, store, apply, and dispose of the chemicals necessary to fight and fend off weeds specific to our area. Without appropriate clothing, knowledge of proper disposal, and correct application there is a lot of room for hazardous errors.

Spring & Summer Months (Apr – Aug)

By the time Spring has sprung and Summer is in full swing, it is imperative to have provided your grass and turf the nutrients necessary for healthy, strong, luscious growth. With our specific fertilizing formula, we approach these prime growing months with a focus on a healthy, dense turf that provides the perfect environment for healthier root systems.

With greater access to the nutrients we are introducing back into the soil, the cell walls begin to turn a darker shade of green, and there is substantially more blade growth. With this renewed strength and vitality, the lawn is better equipped to deal with drought, insects, and disease.

These three (3) applications provide the essential foundation needed for a thriving lawn in Georgia. However, we must stress that lawn health and proper maintenance go hand in hand, so be sure that you lawn is being properly cared for regularly by contacting us today!

Late Summer/Early Fall Months

After the long, hot days of summer have taken their toll on your grass, there is another influx of weeds as the fall brings about cool, moist weather. We use a pre and post emergent blend during this two-step application process in order to remove any existing weeds and prevent germination throughout the remainder of the fall and winter months.

Last Treatment

Finally, for the last application in our lawn treatment program, we are reinvesting in the soil. Typically, Georgia soil is predominately clay. This means that the soil is more acidic, and over time is a much harsher environment for grass and roots to grow in.

In order to combat this and restore balance to the pH levels of the soil, we apply a lime. No, not the wonderful citrus fruit, but the mineral! Our lime application has the ability to balance out the pH level to help promote future grass and root growth.

The Grass Is Greener Where We Care​

Experience expert lawn care that makes a difference. Shepherd’s Lawn Care in Covington, Georgia is here to help!