About Us

Shepherd’s Lawn Care is a small, individually, licensed, and insured company. Homeowners and business owners enjoy quality, timely care from our staff. Additionally, our mission is to provide professional lawn care through our treatment programs. Because Shepherd’s Lawn Care provides dependable, professional lawn spraying services with high standards of quality and safety, you’re a new or returning customer, you’ll find our personnel to be skilled, efficient, knowledgeable and responsive. And, drawing strength from this amazing team of professionals, Shepherd’s provides superior service and attention to detail during all project phases!

Over the years since starting Shepherd’s Lawn Care, we have perfected our treatment program to offer incredible applications that care for your lawn long after we’re gone.

Serving Georgia exclusively, we have experience and knowledge of how to bring out the best in local lawn treatment. This experience and attention to detail has given Shepherd’s Lawn Care a long list of satisfied customers. In fact, we’ve been caring for lawns in and around Covington, Georgia since 2008.

We are happy to provide current customer referrals. There is a growing difference in lawn care. At Shepherd’s, we’re serious about producing lawns that stay thick, green and healthy all year. We care about the results we deliver and we care about our customer’s level of satisfaction.

Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to produce the very best lawns in our region. That’s why so many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service. We hope you’ll decide to trust Shepherd’s to produce great results for you too.

Our Lawn Treatment Program is PERFECT...
From Covington to Lake Oconee, and everwhere in between!